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National Engineering Month – IMAX New Technology


Watching a good movie, especially in a theatre setting is always a nice way to relax, spend time with the family, or even have a special night out. For a more immersive experience, seeing a movie in an IMAX theatre can be very worth-while. Since 1968, IMAX has been one of the main innovators in the movie industry. They are famous for their 15 perf 65mm film, which is 10 times larger than regular 35mm film. Their cameras have been used to film at the ocean’s bottom, and even have been mounted onto a NASCAR race car…[read more]

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Cemcorp Ltd – ISO 9001 Certified

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ISO 9001 is a quality management certification that Cemcorp Ltd. has had since 2000. In June, we successfully completed our annual audit by SGS with a very good result. ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for quality management systems and is the recognized worldwide for the high standard that is required to achieve and sustain this certification. At Cemcorp we pride ourselves in our ISO9001 quality management system and use it to ensure our clients requirements are fully satisfied. To learn more about ISO9001 certification, click on  

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52 Years in the Liquor Industry (and still counting)

Mike D and Steve H

Cemcorp’s Senior Distillation Consultant, Mike Delevante, has just written his third book, 52 Years in the Liquor Industry (and still counting). Together, Mike and Steve have some projects on the go and take a moment for a photo in the Cemcorp office to show off Mike’s latest book. Mike has put together a detailed overview of his distilling career as well as sharing technical information for those that want to see his designs and analysis. It is definitely a wealth of information that captures Mike’s passion and humour for an industry that has flourished and continues to grow globally. If you require a distilling or brewing consultation or are interested in getting a copy of Mike’s book then just send us an email or give us a call.

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13th Annual ADI Distilling Conference

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From April 4th – 7th, Cemcorp’s directors, Steve and Dina Harkness had the pleasure of taking part in ADI’s annual distilling conference. This year’s event was in San Diego, California.   Over 1500 participants gathered for various workshops,information and tasting sessions, distillery tours, and a whole lot of networking! Cemcorp’s presence was new to some of the attendees but many old connections were renewed. It was a fantastic week of meeting many distillers and vendors in the industry. The founder of ADI, Bill Owens met up with Steve during one of the workshops and was interested in hearing about the changes at Cemcorp. Steve and Dina had the pleasure of connecting with Arun Sinha, the OPTO 22 area manager for Ontario. Opto22 is used in Cemcorp’s PCbrew® and PCflow® control systems. A fellow Canadian, Joanne Gaudreau, the VP Marketing of Cirka Distilleries was in attendance and told Dina about her newly operating distillery in Montreal. The ADI eNewsletter has given a shout out to Cemcorp Ltd. so check it out and the other great resources they have. Cemcorp Ltd. sends a big thank you to ADI and is looking forward to next year’s conference!

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