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Cheers to Cuba Libre’s and Cemcorp Ltd.!


Putting your customers first is always a number one priority, especially when your customer is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of rum. The world-renowned rum producers, “Appleton Estates,” trusts Cemcorp’s Control System PCflow® to improve their quality of rum and make every batch just like the first one. Now everyone who’s favourite drink is a Mai Tai, Cuba Libre or Daiquiri can raise their glass to the makers of rum and Cemcorp for their contribution to the making of a great rum! The PCflow® control system is not limited just to the mass production of liquor but can also be used for food processing and various chemical processing as well. Since there are many different uses we made the system customizable to your specific needs (seriously the round of applause is NOT necessary). This system was created with the goal to give you increased control over your processing system and provide you with more efficiency as well as greater flexibility. Similarly to the PCbrew®, it also uses Opto 22 Programmable Automated Controllers (PACs) and provides efficient monitoring, control and data acquisition to its users. This system has many other advantages as well, such as: 1. A control system customized to your specific needs, which optimizes process performance requirements and goals 2. Cost effectiveness 3. PAC control 4. The option to expand and upgrade as your business or production grows 5. Ease of operation with simple “point-and-click” on screen commands 6. The ability to remotely monitor the system using the existing remote monitoring software 7. No upgrade requirement or additional investments needed down the road 8. Additional support available within the first 90 days of purchasing the system To learn more about the PCflow System click on And to learn more about PACs click on: MOST IMPORTANTLY: to get more information on the different drinks you can make with Appleton Estates click on:

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