What is a Canadian Registration Number (CRN)? A CRN is a number issued by each province/territory in Canada for the designs of pressure vessels, piping, and fittings. The prime objective of these registrations is to ensure that the boiler or pressure vessel is in compliance and up to code and meets the standards necessary to ensure safety.

Receiving a CRN is required before fabricating a pressure vessel, boiler, pressure piping, or fitting. This is why it is important for you to get it done correctly by an experienced professional like the ones available here at Cemcorp Ltd.

To determine if a CRN is required there are key factors to consider such as design temperature, pressure, volume and type of fluid. Some designs may not require a CRN or depending which province the installation will be there may be additional criteria or exceptions applicable. To avoid delays in operating your pressure vessel, piping or fitting in Canada consult with a professional like the ones available at Cemcorp Ltd.

Why us?

A lot of companies that are experts in the pressure vessel field are starting to find it increasingly difficult to navigate Canada’s complex system, which varies between each province. Our CRN service here at Cemcorp Ltd. goes beyond just handling paperwork. We offer advice and review your designs using our technological knowledge and understanding of the pressure vessel code. Our in depth review process removes many issues prior to submission to ensure your project will be completed, run efficiently and effectively, and comply with current codes and regulations. We also offer assistance with overcoming jurisdictional issues that often arise when trying to comply with multiple rules from various jurisdictions. Navigating this alone can be frustrating and time consuming, but we are here to help you with complete support from our professionals.

How long will it take?

A CRN should be applied for before fabrication begins. You can still apply during fabrication however if there are changes required from the review, the pressure vessel may have to be scrapped or reworked. The time it can take to receive a CRN is dependent on the complexity of the design, the jurisdiction or province it is to be registered in, and the quality of the documentation submitted. Considering all these factors you could receive your CRN as early as in 1 month to as late as 8-12 months.


• British Columbia [BCSA]
• Alberta [ABSA]
• Saskatchewan [TSASK]
• Manitoba [Inspection & Safety Authority of Manitoba]
• Ontario [TSSA]
• Quebec [RBQ]
• Maritimes, NW Territories, Newfoundland, etc. [ACIC]

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

One of the many services we offer at Cemcorp Ltd. is FEA (Finite Element Analysis). We offer this option to our clients when the required results cannot be determined by possible standard ASME calculations or when they want to analyze different design conditions. FEA is often required for pressure vessel design, failure investigation or CRN registration. Our FEA specialist provides the analysis using Thermal, linear and non-linear software combined with years of engineering design experience, making Cemcorp Ltd. the best option for you and your company.

Pre-start Health & Safety Reviews (PSR)

Cemcorp Ltd. is committed to making sure we offer the highest of quality service to our clients, and one of the ways we achieve this is through providing safety reviews on projects. Safety is always a number one concern in every organization and we want to ensure your projects are as safe as possible. Our safety review follows a work plan that is customized to your project, and once passed you can feel comfortable knowing that your workers and project will run smoothly & safely. Legally it is required by the Ministry of Labor (Section 7) that before starting a project the company must complete a Pre-Start Health Review. The Pre-Start Health Review is another service we offer at Cemcorp Ltd. to ensure your project’s safety is up to regulation standard.

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