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Now more than ever, healthier options are the trend in the beverage industry

Smoothie drinks

It has been the trend as of late to go the healthy route, and the beverage industry seems to have picked up on this. Consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious and looking for ways to get more of what they do want, such as convenience and great taste, and less of what they don’t want, including empty calories and additives. Lucky for them, companies are becoming increasingly more receptive to this.

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Moving on up: how to scale in the manufacturing process

small scale brewery

You have a new product and want to start marketing it – great, but the next question is how to start manufacturing it to get it to market. Building up a business can be scary, which is why starting small and scaling up is the safest bet. But where to begin?

The key to scaling is to do it in a way that makes sense for your business.

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Craft beer market giving big name brands a run for their money


Beer, especially in summer, is a nice drink to enjoy with friends and family; after a long day, nothing is better than relaxing with a cold beer. Now, with the beer market growing at such a rapid rate, the options are endless. One such drink growing in popularity are craft brews. Bigger companies are entering the craft beer market in an effort to stay relevant and attract customers that prefer smaller-batch brews, and local pubs are now affiliating themselves with both craft beers and regular, domestic national beers to appeal to the masses.

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2016-2017 Projects in The Food Processing Industry


On many projects, we work together with consultants, engineers, manufacturers, contractors and financers who are all experienced professionals in their field, to get the job done. At Cemcorp Ltd., our scope of work includes single process performance requirements, to detailed equipment specifications and drawings, for their capital projects. Whatever our clients’ needs are, we strive to best satisfy them with current technology and resources.

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Setting the Standards for Training and Development


At Cemcorp Ltd., we know that you are busy, and the last thing you want to worry about is training employees on new procedures and regulations that even you may not be familiar with. We can help. We work with start-ups in many different areas of business to provide not only training services, but development – putting idea into action.

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Food for thought: trends in food processing


2017 comes with a fresh set of expectations, and trends that are going to continue to change the food processing industry. We at Cemcorp strongly believe in evolution and taking cues from the world around us to improve, automate and streamline. Take a look at what trends are emerging and what you should watch out for:

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Save Money. Save the Planet.

cemcorp blog

Saving energy is more than just about saving money – it’s about saving the environment. We at Cemcorp believe in cogeneration, which is clean power’s unsung hero. Also known as combined heat and power (CHP), cogeneration refers to a group of proven technologies that operate together for the concurrent generation of electricity and useful heat in a process that is generally much more energy-efficient than when electricity and useful heat are produced separately.

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Ontario Technical Conference 2017 by the Master Brewers’ Association of Canada (MBAC) January 26-27 Toronto, ON

MBAC cover

This year the Master Brewers’ Association of Canada (MBAC) held it’s 44th Annual Ontario Technical Conference in January at the Westin Toronto Airport Hotel. This event is the longest running and most informative Canadian Technical Conference for Brewing Technologies.

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CRN/Registrations & 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions


We thought it would serve as a necessary introduction to outline the most commonly asked questions and answers we have addressed with respect to CRN’s. We hope you find this helpful and encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

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Cemcorp’s 2016 Highlights


Another year has come and gone, while a brand new year is under way. Here’s a quick look back at our very eventful 2016, and quick glance forward at what’s on tap for 2017. We have grown quite a bit over the past year and are looking forward to that momentum continuing in 2017.

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