Canada, Cannabis, and Canadian Engineering Services

Canadian engineering services are now being requested to develop new products using cannabis, for the Canadian marketplace and beyond. As of October 17, 2018, cannabis has become legal in Canada. Although restrictions vary by province, it is legal across the country. Since there are many different ways that it can be used, the legalization of cannabis has had a very positive effect on the engineering industry. Cannabis has now become a key ingredient in many edibles, oil, pharmaceuticals, medical formulations, cosmetics, fuel, and drinks.  This has sparked a demand for engineering services and support for its various applications, requirements and needs. From an engineering standpoint, there is much focus on growth automation, agricultural advancements, greenhouse design and growth lighting products.

Currently, engineering needs lie in:

  • Finding innovative ideas to help soften the power demands of producing pot
  • Coding new mobile apps that make cannabis available for purchase
  • Programming sensors to monitor plant health and designing sensors to analyze lab data
  • Designing, and maintaining the mechanical systems needed for indoor cultivation
  • Ensuring the safety and efficiency of the entire cannabis process
  • Looking for new ways to reduce waste and reuse any by-product for maximum benefit
  • Developing industry best practices and optimizing the entire process.
  • Performing an HVAC system analysis

There is a great article by Kristina Etter on the CannabisTech website where she explains “Engineering positions are a great example of the vast range of opportunities available in the ever-expanding industry of cannabis.  Indoor growing operations, extraction production, food manufacturing, and retail management are just some examples of businesses which require engineers. The cannabis industry combines the complexity of each of these entities with the strict standards and regulations required by individual state laws.”

Go to ( for the full article.

Cannabis was only legalized a short time ago so all the applications are not yet known. However, as the industry blossoms, opportunities and applications will continue to grow. The demand for highly-skilled professional engineers and new ideas and advancements will also continue to grow with it.

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