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The 5 W’s of Prestart Health & Safety Reviews (PSR)


1. WHAT is a Prestart Health and Safety Review (PSR)? A Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) is an audit completed by a Professional Engineer of any industrial apparatus, protective element, process, or structure, to ensure compliance with applicable standards with Section 7 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 2. WHEN is a Prestart Healthy and Safety Review (PSR) required? According to Section 7 of Regulation 851 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (S.7 of O.Reg. 851) the following items are examples requiring a Pre-Start Review: • When a building, room or area is used to store or dispense flammable liquids • When the following protective elements are used: light curtains and screens area scanning systems radio frequency systems and capacitance systems safety mat systems two hand controls barrier guards using interlocked electrical or mechanical safeguards • When racking or stacking structures are used to store material • Where processes that involve a risk of ignition or explosion are installed or modified • When a dust collector is used that involves a risk of ignition or explosion • When a factory produces aluminum or steel, or a factory that is a foundry • When a lifting device, traveling crane or automobile hoist is installed or modified • When a process uses or produces a substance (i.e. chemical) that may result in the overexposure of a worker to limits prescribed by Ontario regulations Source: 3. WHY is conducting a Prestart Health and Safety Review (PSR) a good idea? There are several benefits to conducting a PSR but here are the three main ones: 1. It identifies safety issues to be corrected in an organized and effective manner. 2. Potential cost savings can be identified as a result through work efficiencies and proper installation and placement of equipment. 3. Safe operation and installation of equipment reduces the risk of injuries, lost time and can potentially lower insurance premiums by preventing workplace injuries. 4. WHO A professional engineer only must conduct a PSR, and sometimes depending on requirements, a professional engineer from more than one discipline may be required. When this is the case, the names and disciplines of all reviewers involved should be outlined and included in the report. Pricing is based on various factors, such as the type of machine or equipment, type of installation being reviewed, and technical documentation available. Contact us directly or click here to fill out a form and we’d be happy to provide you with a non-obligatory quote. 5. WHERE can I find more information? Ontario Ministry of Labour Professional Engineers of Ontario Safe Workplace Association

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Pack Expo International 2016 – November 6-9 Chicago, IL


We were one of more than 47,000 professionals from virtually every vertical market and 130+ countries around the world came together at McCormick Place to explore processing and packaging innovations from 2,500+ exhibitors.

For virtually every vertical industry, PACK EXPO International is The Main Event for processing and packaging. We decided to attend to enhance our knowledge in the processing and packaging industry and continue to bring more value to our current and prospective clients.

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