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Consistency is KING: Making it Match from Batch-to-Batch


We understand that the quality of your beer is valuable to you and your customers. Trust us when we say we know how important a well-brewed beer is. Which is why we’ve created a way to bring control and consistency to the brewery process.

We want to make sure that your production process creates the same quality beer time and time again. However, with changes in the environment and other uncontrolled variables having any control becomes quite the challenge. With Cemcorp’s control…

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ACME Drawings FOR SALE!!!


ACME is well known for a couple of different reasons. The main frame of reference for some is it’s fictional reference in the “Looney Tunes” cartoons when Wile E. Coyote would try (and always fail) to sabotage Road Runner. The ACME we know that actually did exist is best known for their ACME Drawings and we sell them here at Cemcorp. In 2002, Cemcorp acquired sole ownership of ACME drawings. Considering ACME had 50 years in the brewery equipment industry, the acquisition made sense at the time to be able to offer them to those that had this equipment installed. We also own drawings for the ACME Radial Valley Bottom Lauter Tubs, which offer three patented features: 1. Radial Valley Bottom: This encourages a three-way flow that produces quicker clarification and faster run-off time. Since there is greater flow velocity it helps prevent sediment deposits and increasing yield. 2. Flushing System Between Bottoms: A special device flushes each section of the lauter tub simultaneously between true and false bottoms. There is also a separate unit solely provided for the occasional flushing of accumulated sugar, grits or other sedimentation that can interfere with an efficient operation. To sum this up, it helps the system run as smooth as it can by flushing out old and built up sediment. Cool huh? 3. Grain Discharge Valve: This valve is specially designed to drain and filter the entire bottom area and in the bottom area, and where the discharge valve is placed. This makes the inside surface completely effective. If you are interested, we have many ACME drawings available for purchase depending on your specific job number. For more information about purchasing ACME drawings click here.

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