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Access your process from any internet browser

PCbrew® utilizes Opto 22’s I/O system and with it’s new SNAP-B3000-ENET brain, you can connect to your process using Ethernet with TCP/IP. This means you can change, monitor and control your process remotely from anywhere in the world using nothing more than an internet connection and a standard Web browser. Just imagine the freedom that this new technology provides.

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BATF Reporting Made Easy

Tired of creating BATF Reporting Documents? | July 28, 2015 The tedium of BATF reporting is now made simple. Never again spend hours upon hours pouring over pages of data, calculating hundreds of numbers. Now included with our PCbrew® brewery control package is an easy to use program that makes BATF Reporting simple. DAILY post the required reporting information of inputs and outputs into a user-friendly format for brewers. Then, at the end of the day with a single click of the mouse, transfer the data to a database for monthly reporting. MONTHLY preparation of Form 5130.9 is done automatically by inputting, with a single mouse click, all the daily database data for the month into Form 5130.9. The spreadsheet automatically takes your data, sums it for the month and configures it to suit the format of Form 5130.9. FEATURES: All records and reports required to be kept under Sec. 25.291 thru 25.297 inclusive can be posted and maintained on this BATF Reporting spreadsheet. Instantaneous Material and Inventory records are available at a glance Posting quantities of 6-packs and kegs are automatically converted to barrels. Program accommodates up to 8 brews and 22 separate sales entries per day. If you have computerized Accounting and Invoicing software running under a Windows environment that can export data to an Excel® spreadsheet with a Dynamic Data Link, the Daily Reporting required for the BATF is even easier and can be fully automated for a 1-write system.Save time, money and the frustration associated with BATF Reporting.

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Achieving 110% of Rated Capacity

Dextran Products Limited is reaping the benefits of their new PCflow® control system. Wanting a high level of control at a very affordable price, this new Continuous Isopropyl Alcohol Distillation System chose to operate their facility with our PCflow® control package. PCflow®, delivering a level of control not possible with conventional control systems, is achieving 110% above rated capacity for Dextran. Contact us to find out how you too can achieve a high level of control at a very affordable price.

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